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Published monthly, Christian Voice Magazine is a conservative Christian Music & Lifestyle publication.


Christian Voice Magazine features a broad spectrum of Christian music news, information, coverage of major events, and interviews with prominent recording artists and evangelical figures.


Christian Voice Magazine also provides news and information relevant to Christian faith and family values with a variety of informative articles, inspirational columns and provocative commentary. The broad spectrum of topics includes everything from health and diet to political and cultural issues.


Christian Voice Magazine is published by Wilds & Associates, an Alabama based company specializing in products and services to the Christian community and marketplace ( The first issue was published in September 2006.


As a supplement, CVM online ( offers a preview of each monthly issue and Christian music news.

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Business Operations / C.O.O.
Randall Wilds

Executive Editor 
John Lanier

Associate Editor

Deborah Baliles

Executive Director of Advertising
Margie Tanner

Staff Writers
Cory Parker
Tina Wakefield
Marcie Gray Curtis
John Randolph
Deborah Baliles

Robin Tanner

MaryAnne Wagoner

Contributing Writers
Joyce Meyer
Margie Tanner
Gina Ables
Gabriel Swaggart
Jerry Roach

Published By:

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